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Physical Education

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This is an exciting AS and A2 Level course covering a wide range of study areas both practical and theoretical. 

The course encourages students to:

  • develop knowledge and skills in selected physical activities
  • develop the skills of planning, performing and evaluating physical activities
  • foster an understanding of the historical, cultural and sociological factors

underpinning sport and physical education

  • gain an understanding of the physiological and mechanical basis

of performance in sport and physical education

  • develop an understanding of psychological factors influencing behaviour

in sport and learning in physical education

  • develop an ability to appreciate the relationship between theory and practice

and to apply theoretical knowledge to develop understanding of practical performance in sport


Unit 1:  Participation in Sport and Recreation

 (25%)                   (written paper, 1hour 30 minutes)

                                Healthy and Active Life study

                                Opportunities and Pathways


Unit 2:  The Critical Sports Performance (90 marks)

(25%)    (Coursework)

(30%)    Personal Performance

(15%)    Local Study

(15%)    National Study

(30%)    Performance Analysis


Unit 3:  Preparation for Optimum Sports Performance

(25%)    (2 hours examination paper)

                Short-term preparation

                Long-term preparation

                Managing elite performance

Unit 4:  The Developing Sports Performance (90 marks)

(25%)    (coursework)

(45%)    Development Plan

(15%)    International Study

(20%)    Progressive Participation

(10%)    Life Plan

Mrs Lizanne Johnson
Director of Sport


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